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Pöyry has won a contract from the Vietnam Paper Corporation for a new 250,000 tons a year pulp line at the Bai Bang pulp and paper mill in Vietnam. The contract is for engineering and implementation services and the new pulp line is part of the second phase expansion project at Bai Bang. The new pulp line is due to start operations in 2010.


Lee & Man plans to build a greenfield mill in Vietnam. The mill is to have containerboard capacity of 320,000 t/yr and pulp of 150,000 t/yr.

By Chris Lang. Published in Watershed, June 2006.

Oji Paper, one of the world’s largest pulp and paper companies, is moving into the Mekong Region. Oji Paper has established large-scale industrial tree plantation projects in Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Here and elsewhere in the world the results are deforestation and destroyed livelihoods as the company replaces villagers’ forest and common land with its monocultures.


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has approved a project to plant two billion trees between 2006 and 2010. The Vietnam News Agency reports that “The project, one of the activities to maintain and develop the tree planting movement initiated years ago by President Ho Chi Minh, aims to reduce barren land acreage and provide more finished wood products for consumption.”