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In June 2011, Greenpeace launched a campaign aimed at getting Mattel, the company behind Barbie, to stop buying packaging material manufactured from rainforest destruction.

Mattel has now released a new paper policy that eliminates paper and packaging coming from controversial sources, including tiger habitat.



The Ken and Barbie campaign continues…

Greenpeace banner drop at Mattel’s head office:

Greenpeace press release:


As you must know by now, Greenpeace launched a Barbie campaign last week. APP, predictably, denies any wrong-doing, but then again, they always do. On APP’s corporate website with the Orwellian title “Rainforest Realities”, APP’s Aida Greenbury describes Greenpeace’s report which backs up the Barbie campaign as “unsubstantiated allegations”. Greenpeace’s report can be downloaded here.

Here’s the interview with Ken, where he learns about Barbie’s rainforest destruction habit:


More on Asia Pulp and Paper’s destructive operations in Sumatra.

Indonesia: Sinar Mas pulp and paper plantations encroaching on forests and peatlands

WRM Bulletin 156, July 2010

Controlled by the Indonesian Widjaja family, the Sinar Mas group is one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia engaged in clearing rainforests and destroying peatlands for their several bussinesses, including the pulp and paper industry through the Sinar Mas’ pulp and paper division, Asia Pulp and Paper (APP).


Greenpeace is targeting Kimberly-Clark, parent company of Kleenex, Scott, Cottonelle, and Viva, in the lead up to its annual shareholder meeting in Dallas at the end of April 2009. “In the run up to the meeting, we’ll be focusing a lot of attention on Kimberly-Clark’s destructive business practices,” states Greenpeace’s website, “starting with a video entitled ‘What’s inside your box of Kleenex?'”: