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(October 2007) recently learned of a new spoof Botnia website about the company’s operations in Uruguay. In a welcome new development of Corporate Social Responsibility, Botnia explains why it is so keen to expand its pulp operations in the global South: “since we won’t tolerate any further pollution in our developed countries, we are happy to have the chance to export all dirty industries to the underdeveloped world”.



Ence has cancelled its plans to build a 500,000 t/yr pulp mill on the River Uruguay near Fray Bentos. However, RISI reports that the company is now looking for another site to build a one million t/yr mill.


By Chris Lang. Published in Robin Wood Magazine, August 2006.

Tens of thousands of people have protested against two pulp mills currently under construction near Fray Bentos on the River Uruguay. A recent WRM report documents the social and environmental problems with the FSC-certified plantations which will provide raw material to the mills.