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Press release from the Wilderness Society:

MEDIA RELEASE 12 December 2008

NEW JAPANESE PAPER SCANDAL: First it was misleading about recycled content, now old growth forest destruction claims are under scrutiny


By Chris Lang. Published in Watershed, June 2006.

Oji Paper, one of the world’s largest pulp and paper companies, is moving into the Mekong Region. Oji Paper has established large-scale industrial tree plantation projects in Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Here and elsewhere in the world the results are deforestation and destroyed livelihoods as the company replaces villagers’ forest and common land with its monocultures.


In 1992, The Economist declared Japan’s pulp and paper industry dead. During the economic boom in the 1980s, the pulp and paper industry had expanded rapidly. Massive new paper capacity came on stream just as the economy collapsed in the early 1990s. Oji Paper attempted to buy its way out of crisis, buying Kanzaki Paper and then Honshu Paper.


Oji Paper has dropped its hostile takeover bid of rival company Hokuetsu Paper Mills Ltd. Oji planned to spend US$1.4 million to take a controlling share in Hokuetsu, Oji President Kazuhisa Shinoda said Oji would be unable to acquire more than about 28 to 32% of shares in Hokuetsu.