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Each year, 21 September is the international day against tree monocultures. Friends of the Earth International put out the press release (below), with links to a series of videos on the impacts of plantations (in Spanish).



Great article in the latest issue of the WRM Bulletin, written by Raquel Núñez:

Argentine forestry sector in the spotlight at the World Forestry Congress

From World Rainforest Movement Bulletin 147, October 2009

The World Forestry Congress taking place in Buenos Aires is viewed as an excellent business opportunity by the Argentine forestry sector.

The industry’s high expectations have been reflected for several months through growing coverage in the local and national media. One example is a recent article in a publication from the province of Corrientes (, which reports: “After the forestry exposition in Misiones, companies in Corrientes are placing their sights on the 13th World Forestry Congress, looking to reach agreements in negotiating rounds in which some 200 business representatives from 26 different countries will participate.” Local forestry companies “see the Congress as a ‘gateway to the world’ where they can demonstrate the province’s potential in raw materials and attract investment that will help the industry lift off.”


On 11 August 2008, Via Campesina Brazil and the Movement of Landless Peasants (MST) launched an international campaign against the activities of the Swedish-Finnish pulp and paper company Stora Enso. Via Campesina Brazil is asking people to write to the governments of Sweden and Finland and to the head office of Stora Enso, to protest against the company’s operations in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. The letter is below. Representatives of Via Campesina and MST will visit the Finnish and Swedish embassies in Brazil this week, to deliver the letter.


(October 2007) recently learned of a new spoof Botnia website about the company’s operations in Uruguay. In a welcome new development of Corporate Social Responsibility, Botnia explains why it is so keen to expand its pulp operations in the global South: “since we won’t tolerate any further pollution in our developed countries, we are happy to have the chance to export all dirty industries to the underdeveloped world”.


Ence has cancelled its plans to build a 500,000 t/yr pulp mill on the River Uruguay near Fray Bentos. However, RISI reports that the company is now looking for another site to build a one million t/yr mill.


By Chris Lang. Published in Robin Wood Magazine, August 2006.

Tens of thousands of people have protested against two pulp mills currently under construction near Fray Bentos on the River Uruguay. A recent WRM report documents the social and environmental problems with the FSC-certified plantations which will provide raw material to the mills.