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Inform recently produced “The Secret Life of Paper”. The video promises to answer the questions, “How is paper production related to forest destruction and global warming?” and “Why is recycling and buying recycled paper important?”


WRM produced this 10 minute video on the impacts of the paper industry: “We hope that the video will be a useful tool for campaigning against excessive paper consumption and for linking those campaigns with the struggles of local communities confronting the expansion of pulpwood plantations and pulp mills in the South.”

Shrink, a new campaign and website was launched on Monday, aimed at reducing paper consumption. Here’s the Shrink campaign‘s press release (9 June 2008):


Until recently, the German ICE (Inter City Express) trains used recycled toilet paper (you know what I mean – toilet paper made from recycled paper, not toilet paper that’s already been used) . That’s now changed. Inside the toilet door on ICE trains is a poster advertising Charmin, Procter & Gamble’s toilet tissue.


Zambia and paper

Posted: 11 September 2006 in Paper consumption, USA, Zambia

Two photographs: one of massive overconsumption of paper and one of a desperate need for paper.


Reducing paper consumption

Posted: 4 September 2006 in Paper consumption

If we want to reduce consumption of paper, an obvious target is junk mail. In the UK, Royal Mail posts more than 60,000 tons of junk mail every year. That’s more than 600 unsolicited letters per person. Royal Mail makes billions by posting waste paper.