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During 2007, Indonesian police clamped down on illegal logging. As a result, the Indonesia Pulp and Paper Association says, pulp production in 2008 may be forced to decrease by 75 per cent – giving a good indication of exactly how much the industry relies on illegal logging.


New APP Logging Road Threatens Forests

Posted: 26 March 2008 in APP
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Eyes on the Forest Press Release 26 March 2008

Pekanbaru, INDONESIA – In an investigative report published today by Eyes on the Forest, evidence shows that a new logging road in Riau Province — strongly indicated as illegally built by companies connected to Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) — is cutting into the heart of Sumatra’s largest contiguous peatland forest, a rare hydrological ecosystem that acts as one of the planet’s biggest carbon stores.

New report on APP

Posted: 2 February 2007 in APP, Indonesia

“Social conflict and environmental disaster: A report on Asia Pulp and Paper’s operations in Sumatra, Indonesia” is a new report by World Rainforest Movement. Written by Rivani Noor of the Community Alliance for Pulp Paper Advocacy (CAPPA) and Rully Syumanda of Friends of the Earth Indonesia (WAHLI), the report discusses the social, environmental and economic impacts of APP’s operations.

APP is destroying forests

Posted: 18 October 2006 in APP, China, Indonesia, WWF

Sorry about stating the blinding obvious, but Asia Pulp and Paper is still destroying forests to feed its pulp mills. WWF put out a report in July 2006 which states that APP is responsible for 80,000 hectares forest loss every year. Nazir Foead, WWF-Indonesia’s Director of Policy and Corporate Engagement says, “We estimate that around 450,000 hectares of natural forests have been cleared over the past five years to supply APP’s pulp mill in Riau.”