Indonesia: Pulp and paper companies allowed to continue trashing forests

Posted: 22 January 2009 in APRIL, Indonesia

The Indonesian Ministry of Forestry has allowed pulp and paper companies to use wood from native forests. “It is not impossible for the policy for pulp and paper industries to use wood from natural forests to be extended,” Anatara News reports Indonesia’s Forestry Minister MS Kaban as saying.

The Forestry Minister’s statement came shortly after APRIL announced that it was sacking one thousand workers because of a shortage of raw material.

Antara News quoted the Forestry Minister as saying that several plantation companies have been logging illegaly:

Minister Ka’ban said in the past two years several HTI companies had been suspected of conducting illegal logging and as a result many companies had been afraid of being suspected of doing it making them to delay their planting and industrial forest development activity.

“Plants that have to be harvested after six to seven years were cut earlier and as a result stocks of tree stand in the HTI companies are irregular,” he said.

The minister did not mention time limit for the use of wood from natural forests saying “it depends upon their respective annual plan.”

  1. adrian hakim says:

    Minister stupid, he is not understand about natural forest, he can’t difference value of pulpwood and natural hardwood

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