Siam Cement Group to expand plantations to Laos and Cambodia

Posted: 3 June 2008 in Andritz

The Siam Cement Group is looking to expand its eucalyptus plantations to Laos and Cambodia. Poramate Lamroogroj, managing director of Siam Forestry Co, told the Bangkok Post thatthe company had started planting eucalyptus on pilot areas in the two countries. The wood is to be transported to SCG’s pulp mills in Thailand. “We are looking to secure raw-material supplies in the long term after there is no more area for eucalyptus in Thailand,” Poramate said.

Siam Forestry has about 160,000 hectares of plantations in Thailand, mainly in Kamphaeng Phet, Kanchanaburi and Khon Kaen. SCG imports long-fibre pulp from Europe and the US. SCG also imports scrap paper from the US, Japan and Singapore “becuase of inadequate supply locally”, notes the Bangkok Post.

Source: Nareerat Wiriyapong (2008) “SCG eyes concessions in Laos, Cambodia”, Bangkok Post, 9 May 2008.


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