Angara Paper to build pulp mill in Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Posted: 2 May 2008 in New pulp mills, Russia

Angara Paper Wood Chemical Plant plans to build a 900,000 bleached softwood pulp mill in Lesosibirsk, in the Yenisay region in eastern Russia. The US$1.3 billion project, which is due to start operations in 2011, will also produce 60,000 t/yr tissue, 220,000 t/yr chemithermomechanical pulp, 320,000 t/yr coated boxboard and 320,000 uncoated boxboard.

The Ministry of Industry and Energy included the Angara Paper project in a list of priority investment projects earlier this year, meaning that Angara will receive a lease agreement on forest land without auction, allowing the pulp mill to use 5 million m3/yr of wood. Angara plans to export pulp to China, Europe, southeast Asia and the US.

The trouble with this project (and the Boguchanskiy pulp and paper mill) is that the wood will come from intact forest on permafrost in an area with little or no infrastructure. Once logged, the forest will not grow back for many decades, meaning that there is probably only enough timber to supply the pulp mills for about 10 years.


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