AbitibiBowater running into trouble

Posted: 4 March 2008 in AbitibiBowater, Canada

On the same day last week Greenpeace and RAN put out press releases about AbitibiBowater.

Greenpeace reacted to the company’s financial results: “Customer confidence is dropping because AbitibiBowater continues to log in the last remaining intact areas of the Boreal Forest,” said Richard Brooks, forest campaign coordinator with Greenpeace. “Customers do not want to be associated with the conflict of a company trashing one of the planet’s most important forests.”

AbitibiBowater is top of a Québec government list of companies in breach of provincial forestry laws. But even though AbitibiBowater was found to be in violation of the law 77 times, it was forced to pay less than US$200,000 in fines.

Meanwhile, RAN announced that “Boise Inc. has notified logging company AbitibiBowater that it will cease purchasing wood fiber logged from Grassy Narrows’ traditional territory in the Whiskey Jack Forest without the Indigenous community’s consent.” RAN has been working with the Grassy Narrows First Nation since 2004. In its letter, Boise wrote that they “wish to honor the request of Chief Fobister to discontinue sourcing fiber from the Traditional Use Area of Grassy Narrows.”


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