New pulp mills

Posted: 13 November 2006 in New pulp mills

According to an advert for the 2006 Lockwood-Post Directory (which at US$445 I can’t afford, so I can’t give any more details):

24 new pulp and paper mills opened globally

More than 60 pulp and paper mills closed, 50% in North America alone

Approximately 80 new paper machines were added and 50 shut down

What this overview doesn’t show is that the mills that closed are probably much smaller than the new mills that are starting up.

  1. John O'Brien says:


    I’ve got the 2006 Lockwood-Post. As you may know the directory simply lists pulp and paper mills by country and state/province. Each listing provides physical plant address and contact info, along with equipment, capacities and grades produced by the mill. Any mill that is still standing but has been shutdown has a notation of such under its listing. The directory, however, doesn’t note recent start-ups or start-up dates.

    Lockwood is a good directory, but that’s all it is. No comparative analysis, totaled regional capacities, capacity reductions or increases, etc. A person could certainly extract raw data from the directory and put it into some sort of order, but it would be a real test on the eyeballs and patience.

    P.S. I like your blog.

    John O’Brien, managing editor, PaperAge

  2. Ed Marx says:


    Remember me I was your first ‘Master Papermaker” and the Paper mill supt of the year 1990. I wrote several articles for Paper Age.

    How do I go abour purchasing the latest addition of the Lockwood Post Directory. Strange at it may seem I can,t find that information.

    I hope you are well. Ed Marx

  3. Vicki says:


    I’m looking for ANY old copies of the Lockwood-Post’s Directory.
    I am also looking for the 2007 edition.
    I have 1964, 1994, and 1995.
    Can anyone help out?

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