FSC response to Laos article

Posted: 12 October 2006 in FSC, Laos, Logging, World Bank

FSC has responded to my article in last month’s WRM Bulletin about their certification of logging in Laos. SmartWood will carry out an audit of the operations in October 2006.

FSC’s response is remarkably similar to SmartWood’s response. A certifier has been caught red-handed by a World Bank consultant, not me, issuing a certificate to a logging operation that does not comply with the forest law. Yet FSC is shooting the messenger (me) rather than looking at how SmartWood managed to certify a logging operation that does not comply with FSC’s principles and criteria.

  1. Scott Poynton says:

    This is disengenous Chris. When Smartwood certified the Lao Village Forests they DID meet the FSC P&C – read the Smartwood report. You’re distorting the historical timeline to strengthen your arguement against the FSC. Crticising the FSC is one thing but the the tragedy of your article is not any mis-performance by the FSC or Smartwood, it’s that the villagers that you proclaim to support have been maligned as illegal loggers.

    If anyone wants to hear an alternative view, visit the TFT website http://www.tropicalforesttrust.com for our response to Chris’ article

  2. Chris Lang says:

    My reply to Scott’s comment and to TFT’s response to my article is here.

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