Stora Enso’s operations in Brazil are socially and environmentally unsustainable

Posted: 10 October 2006 in Aracruz, Brazil, Stora Enso, Veracel

World Rainforest Movement recently received a letter documenting the impacts of Stora Enso’s operations in Brazil.

The letter points out the problems caused by the plantations feeding the Veracel pulp mill, a joint venture between Stora Enso and Aracruz. It starts by mentioning Veracel’s “track record of environmental degradation, concentration of land, eviction of thousands of workers from the rural areas to the outskirts of cities, causing significant social and environmental disruptions”.

The letter describes how jobs have been lost to Veracel’s operations, streams have dried up, houses and livelihoods have been destroyed. The 48 organisations and people who signed the letter finish off by saying:

“We think that a company such as Veracel Celulose, one of the symbols of the development model that was imposed in an arbitrary and violent manner, resulting in all those negative consequences, causing violence, poverty and hunger to the people of the Southern Region of Bahia, may not be considered as environmentally and socially sustainable.”


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