Logging is bad

Posted: 3 October 2006 in DfID, Logging, World Bank

“There is a growing consensus that the traditional concession-based industrial logging model does not generate the desired economic, social and environmental benefits.”

Interesting statement – not least because this statement came from Baroness Amos, in the UK House of Lords. The comment came in response to a question from Lord Eden of Winton about the most recent decisions taken by the World Bank regarding logging operations in rainforests.

Baroness Amos continued: “DfID, together with the World Bank and a number of civil society and research organisations, is planning to support research into improved models for forest sector development.”

It seems like they’ve finally got the message. It’s taken a while. In 1977, after more than 20 years of observing at close hand the role forestry had played in development, Jack Westoby, the ex-head of forestry at the FAO, wrote:

“The fact has to be faced, if we are to be honest with ourselves, that two decades of international effort in the forestry sector of the underdeveloped world has made but little contribution to the overall development process, and its contribution to improving the quality of urban life and raising the welfare of the rural masses has been negligible”

  1. agreed says:

    i completely agree with however wrote this. but it seems to kind of get off subject some times. anyway I’m supposed to have a debate on whether logging is good or bad and i need some pros and cons of logging please help me!!!

  2. amber says:

    logging is BAD! bad bad bad! think of the animals! they deserve a home as much as people do.

  3. James C. says:

    That’s brilliant Amber. Try wiping your butt with a raccoon next time you use the bathroom.

  4. Chris Lang says:

    Thanks for the interesting suggestion, James C. However, I’d recommend using recycled toilet paper.

  5. racoon says:

    that racoon comment is awesome. Chris, you rock

    • Anonymous says:

      Logging is good. i come from a family that owns a tree farm. there is so much that has to go into logging then just cutting down trees, more laws and regulations than what most people know about. please do your homework before you decide that logging is bad. that all i ask.

  6. Emma says:

    Logging should not happen. all the animals and trees are out there. and if you think about it its native to the aborginals so they deffiently dont want it cut down that ws there home. thats were they made medcine from trees and plants and got foor from there. but the animals deserve a home i agree with Amber.

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