Aracruz launches racist campaign against Indians

Posted: 25 September 2006 in Aracruz, Brazil

Aracruz has launched a racist campaign against Tupinikim and Guarani Indians living in Espirito Santo province. The Indians are demanding that the Ministry of Justices demarcates the Indian’s land which Aracruz has planted with eucalyptus plantations.

Aracruz denies that there were any Tupinikim and Guarani living in the area before Aracruz started operations in Espirito Santo. The company is distributing thousands of leaflets against the Indians to workers as well as schools and universities. Aracruz has also taken out a series of billboard adverts:


This aggression against Aracruz is also aggression against our companies.


This case is also our case! Employees ask for justice!


Enough of Indians threatening workers.


FUNAI defends the Indians. Who is defending our companies?


Aracruz brought progress. FUNAI brought the Indians.

As a result of Aracruz’s campaign, Indians are being called “thieves” in the street. Indigenous students have been forbidden to enter their schools wearing their indigenous body paint. Supermarkets have prevented Indigenous People from shopping there.

In response to a complaint from the Forum of Black People’s Organisations in Esipirito Santo the Public Prosecution Service has promised to investigate.

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