Paper production + oil = clean development

Posted: 12 September 2006 in Brazil, Carbon, Celulose Irani

This, according to the UN Framework Climate Change Convention, is clean development:



Celulose Irani is the first Brazilian pulp and paper company to sell carbon credits under the Kyoto Protocol’s clean development mechanism. In September 2006, Irani sold US$1.2 million worth of carbon credits to Shell which will use the credits to continue exploring, drilling, flaring, spilling and polluting.

Irani managed this scam by building a 9.43 MW biomass electricity generating plant, using waste wood from its plantations and sawmill scraps from local companies. Before building the biomass plant, Irani had thrown its waste away in landfills where it rotted and slowly burned, emitting methane and other greenhouse gases.

Celulose Irani is a pulp and paper company in Campina del Alegria district in Brazil’s Santa Catarina State. Set up in the 1940s, the company now has 16,800 hectares of plantations (mainly of eucalyptus and pine). Between 2000 and 2003 Irani increased production from 83,000 t/yr to 147,000 t/yr of packaging paper. Irani has plans to increase production further.


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